D 2006, Feature Film
Director: Bastian Günther
DoP: Michael Kotschi
Production: Lichtblick Film GmbH / ARTE / SWR

In four episodes loosly interwoven Autopiloten tells about four men trying to come up to their long-forgotten ideal. Meanwhile living on the margins of society, they move unsettled and without constant support through their own lives. In one day and one night the men’s way leads them to the dense network of autobahns in the Ruhr region – and this not only holds their stories together geographically but emotionally as well. They are all heroes of an inner insecurity - trying to hang on, until the stress becomes unbearable...

All Filmstills copyright Lichtblick Film.


Set Photo / Business Jörg 

Film Still / Highway Petrol Station 

Set Phot / House Dieter 

Film Still / Empty House  

Set Photo / Press Conference  

Set Photo / House Georg 

Film Still / Disco 

Film Still / Appartment Rita 

Set Photo / Appartment Rita 

Set Photo / Appartment Rita 

Film Still / Football Stadion Georg 

Set Photo / Car Park / Concert