D 2004, Music Video
Director: Nicolai Kanow, Dorothee von Bodelschwingh
Production: HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg


s.o.d. shows atmospheric pictures on top of a roof of an old building in Berlin. A small guy lives and "works" there in a self-build hut ...

Conceptional Design / Model
Set Photo / Roof: Conceptional Design / Model

Set Photo / Costume Design 

Studio Construction
Set Photo / Hole in the Roof: Studio Construction

Studio Construction
Set Photo / Roof: Studio Construction

Construction + Costume Design
Set Photo / Chimney : Construction + Costume Design

Studio Construction
Set Photo / Hut: Studio Construction

Modelbuilding / Roof 

Digital Compositing
Set Photo / Chimney: Digital Compositing

Set Photo / Hut
Set Photo / Hut: Set Photo / Hut

Studio Construction
Set Photo / Chimney: Studio Construction