D 2009, Feature Film
Director: Johannes Schmid
DoP: Michael Bertl bvk
Production: schlicht und ergreifend Film GmbH und Pokromski Studio/Warschau

Between Christmas and New Year 11 years old Kattaka and 75 years old Lene go traveling from Berlin to Poland - a very exiting journey for both of them.
Kattaska is looking for her biological father, a russian seaman who is at the time working on a containership in Gdansk. And Lene is looking for her repressed past. She had to flee in world war II from Masuria and lost her parents.

A story about friendship between to generations and about the courage to face up to life.

All Filmstills copyright schlicht und ergreifend Film.

Mood Photo / Containership 

Film Still / Swimming Hall 

Set Photo / Room Kattaka 

Film Still / Room Knäcke 

Still Photo / Containership Alexej 

Film Still / Bus 

Film Still / Harbour 

Film Still / Kiosk 

Film Still / At the seaside 

Set Photo / Cabin Alexej 

Film Still / Machine Hall 

Film Still / Lene 

Set Photo / Farm House Kitchen 

Set Photo / Masurian Street 

Film Still / Kitchen  

Set Photo / Village 

Film Still / Guestroom 

Film Still / Palace 

Set Photo / Roof Waldeck 

Film Still / Tree Lene 

Film Still / Lene and her Mother